Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. I've had this page since 94' and It's been hard keeping up with all the new stuff that's happened on the web since that time. When I first put up this page it wasn't common for people to have a webpage but that's not the case today.

In my free time, after completing my daily responsibilties working in the Information Technology area of Silicon Valley, I act as MIDI and Digital Audio Technology consultant for a local private recording studio of which I am also an on-staff engineer (I also helped build the place). I am the webmaster for "Pipe Organs of the SF Bay Area" webpage. Other interests include, classical and contemporary guitar, pipe organs, the restoration of early Porsche's, Studio & Orchestral recording, Music Theory, MIDI Sequencing, Macintosh based Digital Audio, vacuum tube electronics, Car Audio, Asian food & culture, photography, autobody paint and bodywork, I am an avid railfan, TCP/IP network management, and Internet network architecture.

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Ken Rinehart
San Jose, CA